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quench (one's) thirst at any dirty puddle

To be sexually promiscuous. In my day, you had one sexual partner your whole life—now, people will just quench their thirst at any dirty puddle!
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get up a thirst

 and work up a thirst
Fig. to do something that will make one thirsty. (Fixed order.) Jogging makes me work up a thirst. Doing this kind of work always gets up a thirst with me.
See also: get, thirst, up

have a thirst for something

1. Lit. to be thirsty for something to drink. I have a thirst for a tall glass of iced tea.
2. Fig. to have a craving or desire for something. The tyrant had an intense thirst for power. The actor's thirst for fame caused him to become unscrupulous.
See also: have, thirst

thirst for something

1. Lit. to desire something to drink. (Somewhat formal.) "I thirst for something cooling and refreshing." said the preacher. You could see that everyone there was thirsting for water, or even coffee, but there was no refreshment in sight.
2. Fig. to have a strong desire for something. (See also have a thirst for something.) In the old days, students were said to thirst for knowledge. The generals thirsted for new battles to be fought.
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thirst for

or thirst after
To have a strong craving for something; yearn for something: The oppressed people thirst for freedom.
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thirst-aid station

n. a place to purchase liquor. (Punning on first-aid station.) Let’s stop at the next thirst-aid station and get a snort.
See also: station
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I'd like to take this opportunity to inform Mr Blachman that after conducting an in-depth, comprehensive straw poll of the pals, I can confirm the only bloke words our bodies thirst for are: "Put your feet up, love, I'll do the ironing.
When Moses does so, water comes forth, and the people's thirst is quenched.
For all its strangeness, our human thirst and feeble attempts to quench it make this encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman a most hopeful story.
Eventually, that pollution will push increasing numbers of people to seek groundwater to slake their personal, industrial, and agricultural thirsts.
God thirsts," says The Catechism of the Catholic Church, "that we may thirst for him.
Bally members are committed to their health and fitness and we look forward to providing the Gatorade products that will help them quench thirsts, replenish nutrients and enhance their workouts.
The initial Gatorade products to be offered will include Gatorade(R) Thirst Quencher, Gatorade Energy Bars and Propel Fitness Water(TM).
And so he thirsts to make that connection, to be that channel, to become a flow of grace to every moment of crucifixion.
After this, when Jesus knew that all was now finished, he said (in order to fulfill the scripture), "I thirst.
It's about quenching the emotional and physical thirsts that only truly active people can understand, and that Gatorade can quench.
Gatorade has been quenching all-star thirsts for decades,'' said Clark Hine.
As a deer yearns for running water, so my soul thirsts for you, O God.
also known as "Monochrome," as the winners of Thirst Studio 2006.
In the fountain, men and women bathe, slake their thirst, and refresh themselves.
Gabriel and Dresden Collaborate with Thirst Studio Global Winner; Kanye West, Gym Class Heroes and Paul Oakenfold Headline Weekend-long Showcase of Best New Music Talents