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quench (one's) thirst at any dirty puddle

To be sexually promiscuous. In my day, you had one sexual partner your whole life—now, people will just quench their thirst at any dirty puddle!
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thirst after (something)

To have an intense desire, yearning, or need for something. Even from a young age he thirsted after knowledge, devouring any he could get his hands on. Growing up in such a small, secluded town, I constantly thirsted after romance and adventure.
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thirst for (something)

To have an intense desire, yearning, or need for something. Even from a young age he thirsted for knowledge, devouring any he could get his hands on. Growing up in such a small, secluded town, I constantly thirsted for romance and adventure.
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thirst trap

1. The act of posting a sexy or alluring photo of oneself on social media in an attempt to elicit likes or attention, often from one person in particular (such as an ex or a crush). A: "Whoa, look at all those likes!" B: "I'm not gonna lie—that pic was a thirst trap so that my ex can see what he's missing out on."
2. Someone who one considers very attractive, usually on social media. Did you see that shirtless pic Ryan posted today? Man, he's a real thirst trap.
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1. slang An eager and perhaps desperate pursuit of attention or validation, often of one's attractiveness. Ugh, Amanda's got that thirst, posting all of those scantily-clad selfies on Instagram.
2. slang A desperate desire for a sexual encounter, often with a particular person. All these guys sliding into my DMs so clearly have a thirst. A: "Derek keeps texting me." B: "The thirst is strong with this one."

get up a thirst

 and work up a thirst
Fig. to do something that will make one thirsty. (Fixed order.) Jogging makes me work up a thirst. Doing this kind of work always gets up a thirst with me.
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have a thirst for something

1. Lit. to be thirsty for something to drink. I have a thirst for a tall glass of iced tea.
2. Fig. to have a craving or desire for something. The tyrant had an intense thirst for power. The actor's thirst for fame caused him to become unscrupulous.
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thirst for something

1. Lit. to desire something to drink. (Somewhat formal.) "I thirst for something cooling and refreshing." said the preacher. You could see that everyone there was thirsting for water, or even coffee, but there was no refreshment in sight.
2. Fig. to have a strong desire for something. (See also have a thirst for something.) In the old days, students were said to thirst for knowledge. The generals thirsted for new battles to be fought.
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thirst for

or thirst after
To have a strong craving for something; yearn for something: The oppressed people thirst for freedom.
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thirst-aid station

n. a place to purchase liquor. (Punning on first-aid station.) Let’s stop at the next thirst-aid station and get a snort.
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In this study, the conceptual framework (see Figure 1) proposes that a positive relationship exists between thirst distress and, respectively, thirst duration, frequency, and intensity.
While the work alluded to above sheds light on the importance of physiological events (and mediating neural substrates) causing thirst and drinking, our present focus is on the psychology of thirst.
To enter, simply write a letter telling KittenSoft Thirst Pockets what you like most about Winnie the Pooh.
Desert Thirst," for example, was written in 1988 during the period when al-Samawi's eyesight failed.
Take necessity--if I'm dying of thirst and you have water, this rule says I can refuse to pay the outrageous price you demand (even if I can afford it) and simply take the water.
In this study we defined the health status of our elderly subjects using an established protocol, and examined simultaneous changes in thirst, plasma osmolality and AVP during sodium and water loading.
After spending a hot, summer day playing baseball, tennis or golf, quench your thirst with energy-replenishing fruit drinks blended from summer's bounty.
Your sense of thirst will always tell you when your body need fluids.
Of more fundamental, long-term importance, this project-and the process that made possible its success-has created a results-focused thirst for change in the staff of the finance group, a thirst that has spilled over into other areas.
PHOENIX -- Team Solitaire, LLC, the owner and operator of Team Solitaire/MB1 Racing, has signed a multi-year agreement with Redux Beverages, LLC, the marketing geniuses behind Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator and other high quality beverages.
Bakri Hassan Salih on Thursday, launched at Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, equipment of Zero Thirst Project set to fight thirstiness and provide drinking water for people in urban and rural areas.
Thirst is the brain's way of sending signals alerting the body that there is a disruption in the composition of the blood stream.
The procurement of cleaning services to the thirst AB.
Jennifer Garner will host the Fifth annual Thirst Project Gala at the BevHilton.
ISLAMABAD -- Medical experts have advised people to use bananas, dark chocolates, milk, dates, dried apricots, pistachio, pumpkin, and beans at Sehr time to prevent thirst during fasting.