third degree

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*third degree

Fig. a long and detailed period of questioning. (*Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) Why is it I get the third degree from you every time I come home late? Poor Sally spent all night at the police station getting the third degree.
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third degree

Intensive questioning or rough treatment used to obtain information or a confession, as in The detectives gave her the third degree, or Jim gave her the third degree when she came home so late. This term comes from freemasonry, where a candidate receives the third or highest degree, that of master mason, upon passing an intensive test. Dating from the 1770s, the phrase was transferred to other kinds of interrogation in the late 1800s.
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(give somebody) the ˌthird deˈgree

(informal) question somebody for a long time and in a thorough way; use threats or violence to get information from somebody: The soldiers were given the third degree in order to make them reveal the information.Why are you giving me the third degree?This expression comes from Freemasonry (= a secret society). In order to reach the highest level of the organization and become a Third Degree Mason, members are interrogated.
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third degree

n. a session of questioning, usually by the police. Bart got the third degree, but—being the thoroughbred he is—he was a clam. They gave Spike the third degree, but he refused to say anything.
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The aim of this short note has been to provide a foundation for and to add perspicuity to students' intuition about third degree price discrimination.
Founded in 1995, Third Degree was named a 1999 and 2000 "Metro 50 Fastest Growing Company" by the OKC Chamber of Commerce and a Venture Forum "2000 Venture of the Year" finalist.
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It should be recalled that the current water rate stands at 45 pounds for the first degree consumers, 25 pounds for the second degree consumers and 16 pounds for the third degree consumers.
Here is another example of third degree suspension in melody: a typical salsa piano montuno (ostinato).
It is the only way to be certain they are distinguishing between two subdivisions per beat in the examples with second degree suspension, and four subdivisions per beat for third degree suspension--and that they are practicing "e"s and "a"s in the latter examples.
By focusing on second and third degree suspension, students can learn to "live off the beat," acquiring greater rhythmic accuracy and building a vocabulary of creative rhythmic ideas.
Have your students work with third degree grounding and suspension, using doubles to switch, with a lower note on the grounded notes and a higher note on the suspended.
But we will move on to the next step: third degree grounding and suspension with greater melodic freedom.
The authors nonetheless note well that it is a grace-inspired love of God that keeps the third degree free from being tainted by an unhealthy masochism (xlii).
The Durham branch is to be handling marketing accounts for a group of clients in and around the state of Georgia and North Carolina CUs, and also is promoting a CU-catered financial literacy package for teachers run by Banzai, a Utah-based firm purchased a year ago by Third Degree.
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