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The rather thinnish body is probably what relegated this nicely nuanced coffee to the middle of the ratings.
Take this pencil and draw a thinnish, controlled line around the top lash line and then blend out gently above the line using the MAC #219 brush for a diffused edge.
Or a thinnish version of a creamy lobster bisque ($11.
The thinnish slice seemed quite miserly at first - especially as it was somewhere out on the eastern fringes of an enormous plate, facing a distant dollop of light cream on the west side.
7/10Avon -Beyond Colour Perfecting Foundation - pounds 12 PROBABLY not for someone who needs heavier cover, yet this again thinnish liquid manages to cover up quite well.
But he is the best player in a thinnish field and should have beaten Tiger Woods at La Costa.
Find a scrap of thinnish paper - a piece of old newspaper or magazine - and scrunch it up into a ball several times so that it becomes as rounded as possible.
John Pittman narrows his playing field to a very few core elements--a monochromatic ground with a spare array of thinnish lines of a second color gridded across it.
And she describes him with a tenderness that breaks your heart: "He is tall and thinnish, and he has these piercing blue eyes and a wee dimple on his chin.
Furthermore, the Pacamara, with its large, bold bean, is a cross between two Arabica varieties not much admired for their flavor: the compact, high-bearing Caturra and the Maragogipe, an old Arabica grown more for its enormous bean size than for its often thinnish, lackluster flavor.