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If thinness is not necessarily a goal of people with eating disorders, then looking at online images of thin people is not an underlying cause of those conditions.
In addition to this documented divergence, elevated rates of diagnostic crossover between the pathological pursuit of thinness and muscularity may exist, suggesting that this divergence is a fluid process.
00 Table 4: Relationship of Nutritional Status between Anaemic and Non anaemic study subjects Anaemia Nutritional Status Total Normal Thinness No.
The consequence of everyone being more aware of what they eat is that children become "infected" with society's obsession with thinness.
They are said to be ideal for parts posing significant length and thinness challenges, such as power-distribution boxes, high-pin-density connectors, and HVAC vanes.
The Advocate sadly parrots society's obsession with thinness and then gives that bias a big gay boost.
The company also intends to expand the material's application to various functional films and screen materials for applications including rear-projection screens by exploiting its thinness, light weight and high optical transparency as well as its superior light diffusion and collimating properties.
Multiple regression analyses were used to determine which variables best predicted subjects' drive for thinness and interoceptive awareness.
Yet Anderson's art, with its deliberate surface thinness, most closely shadows the '70s works of Michael Andrews, another British painter who used his medium's slippages to signify what he felt about a subject, and who tended to let his iconography melt outward from a tight Photorealist core, as if drifting inexorably into the fault zone of memory.
From here on, Wigan's problem will be sustaining that kind of cup-match tempo for the rest of the season - not easy given the thinness of their squad.
The mechanical dampening and loading effects of Parylene on elastomers are minimal because of coating thinness and because there is no conventional cure force or phase change.
The Times quickly ran a correction explaining that the study it had reported on didn't say that thinness caused a greater risk of dying.
The immediate thought, reading the title, is how ironic that at puberty some girls in some cultures are fattening up while many girls in cultures we know well are obsessed with thinness and suffer from terrible diseases such as anorexia and bulimia--also frequently associated with puberty.