think twice about

think twice

To reconsider, be cautious about, or thoroughly contemplate something before committing to it. I'm going to sue them for everything they're worth—maybe then they'll think twice about trying to steal my ideas! Maybe we should think twice about investing so much money in a project we know so little about.
See also: think, twice

think twice about someone or something

to give careful consideration to someone or something. Ed may be a good choice, but I suggest that you think twice about him. You will want to think twice about it.
See also: think, twice

(not) think ˈtwice about something/about doing something

(not) think carefully before deciding to do something; (not) hesitate: You should think twice about employing someone you’ve never met.If they offered me a job abroad, I wouldn’t think twice about taking it!
See also: something, think, twice
References in classic literature ?
As for denying that I am your nephew, you will think twice about it, now that I have learned some things of which I was ignorant a year ago.
There was no time to think twice about my feat, or, indeed, about anything else that befell upon a night when each moment was more pregnant than the last.
The captain is not a man to think twice about what he does.
I bet I wasn't the only one to think twice about how my outfit would be perceived.
If other countries did the same and returned vessels out at sea to the country they left from they would think twice about paying traffickers and driS ve down numbers of migrants.
Suitable for older teens and adults, Space encourages the reader to think twice about the weirdness in life that we're taught to accept as normal.
Hopefully he'll think twice about posting such vitriol online again.
I don't hate the police, we need the police, but I hope this makes them think twice about the way they behave.
Angela Gormlie Rodger added: "I think when people see guns, it makes them think twice about breaking the law.
Maybe staring at young men who've had limbs blown off in Afghanistan might make him think twice about falling to the floor as though he's been hit by a sniper when all that's happened is an arm has brushed the top of his hair-bun.
Terry Fiske, 57, said: "The side roads are treacherous and the weather makes you think twice about going out and about.
Summary: Cameron Diaz didn't think twice about signing up to play a mum in tear-jerker My Sister's Keeper.
A hard-hitting new poster campaign to make prostitutes' customers think twice about paying for sex with trafficked women was launched today.
Do the Colts think twice about having Vinatieri kicking anything beyond 50 yards, knowing Devin Hester will be waiting under the crossbar to return a short one?
Keep in mind that this is the 3rd edition of this volume, so libraries that own previous editions might want to think twice about purchasing.