think nothing of

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think nothing of something/doing something

to do something unusual or dangerous without worrying about it Howell thinks nothing of taking off to London or Paris to look for rare and wonderful antiques. Randy thought nothing of hanging from a steel beam 400 feet above ground during his career as an iron worker.
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think nothing of doing something

if you think nothing of doing something that other people find difficult, you do it very easily He's so fit. He'd think nothing of running ten miles before breakfast.
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think nothing of

1. Give little consideration to, regard as routine, as in He thinks nothing of driving 100 miles to see a new movie. [c. 1800]
2. think nothing of it. It's not important, as in Thanks for the lift.-Think nothing of it. This way of saying you're welcome dates from the late 1800s.
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think nothing of

To give little consideration to; regard as routine or usual: thought nothing of a 50-mile trip every day.
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Nearly two in three think nothing of turning up late for meetings even though it clearly wastes other people's time.
In a time when consumers think nothing of buying automobiles online, Vista has spent enormous resources developing a truly relationship-based dealership.
It's in this frame of mind gardai are in most danger - these thugs think nothing of shooting an officer and leaving them for dead.
In the 1970s I'd think nothing of repairing and maintaining all my own cars
CANOGA PARK - Many people think nothing of stopping by a fast-food joint for a bacon cheeseburger and a Coke, but dining out is not so easy for the religiously observant.
They think nothing of travelling huge distances if what's at journey's end is important.
Most parents would never drive with their toddler unrestrained in the car - even for short distances - but many cat owners think nothing of driving with an unsecured tabby roaming their vehicle.
Mules think nothing of backing up and sitting on you if they think you're copping an attitude with them.
Many Greeks think nothing of mistreating or killing them rather than giving them a good home.
WE don't think much of marriage, we think nothing of polluting the atmosphere with our cars, but at least we're taking more baths.
Some sites think nothing of throwing 10 full-page pop-ups at you when you drop in for a quick visit.
Even Rodeo Drive merchants in Beverly Hills had to resort to discounts to lure buyers, propping up sale signs in stores where shoppers think nothing of laying out thousands of dollars for accessories.
Mega-rich Arabs think nothing of flying into Britain especially to spend millions of pounds a time on jewels in exclusive London shops.
Not only do these extremists want to endanger all of our lives by stopping animal research, they think nothing of the injury their violence might inflict on innocent by-standers.