think about

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think about someone or something

to contemplate someone or something. Whenever I think about him, I get goose bumps. I don't want to think about it.
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Salaam: Without going too deeply into naming names, a number of writers have received the MacArthur genius award, and whereas you never expectEd to be lionized by those folk, still at some point how do you feel--not what do you think about it, but how do you feel when you see .
It's hard because sometimes I just want to sit there and talk to them - and sometimes I do - but to turn the book out, to really think about what I'm doing, I need that isolation.
But I think one of the other key concerns that you really need to think about too is the appropriate use of the technology and the appropriate gathering of information and what do you do with it.
Marx was naive, even in his own time, because he didn't think about ecological limits.
Jones: We can almost guarantee it, if you think about it.
To provide opportunities for the learners to think about their work and receive timely feedback, I have used a self-grading technique comprised of the following steps:
Now that's an amazing phenomenon if you think about it, because in the middle years of this century, clever people thought there was no way capitalism could survive.
There were ways in which, once having said Voodoo Dreams, it made me think about dreams within the context of the novel - the dreams of a young woman trying to become a woman, the dreams of love, the dreams of spirituality, and Damballah possession - Marie dreaming Jacques home after he's been murdered.
What it means for her to be operatic is that she makes you think about silence, she makes you think about throwing your voice and throwing away your voice.
Q: What do you think about Emily's List - an organization that gives money specifically to women candidates?
In a nutshell: Kind of a stupid premise, if you think about it - they just happen to keep running into each other at an airport?
I think that when we try to think about ourselves, both individually and culturally, we need to have a master story: "We are the children of hardworking immigrants who have made it good" or "We are fabulous and ironic.
JB: In a previous interview you mentioned that you were making an effort to think about people who were not necessarily part of the art-world circuit.