thin down

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thin someone down

to make someone thinner or slimmer. What you need to thin you down is less, not more. The hospital dietitian tried to thin down the obese man.
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thin something down

to dilute a fluid. You should thin this down with a little water. Try to thin down this paint a little.
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thin down

to become thinner or slimmer. He stopped eating desserts and fatty foods so he could thin down. I have to thin down so I can get into my winter coat.
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thin down

1. To make someone or something thin or thinner: The painter thinned down the paint with turpentine. The designers thinned the shape of the boat down so that it could go faster.
2. To become thin or thinner: I thinned down over the summer, and now my pants are too big.
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The bank had already implemented a series of job cuts in its UAE operations in 2010, in a hurry to thin down its retail
Then the deluge began to thin down, slowly becoming a mere trickle.
Importantly, the walls can thin down with good control of your blood pressure and lightening the pumping load for the heart.
As newspapers thin down and die off, as a generation of kids grows up without a daily paper in their lives, as radio and television cover the lurid over the learned, the weight of ignorance and apathy puts the future in fewer and fewer hands, and the great American citizenry is reduced to consumers and only consumers.
Injuries to Jon Lewis (Achilles) and Chris Tremlett (back) left resources thin Down Under - both will return to the UK prior to Friday's first final at the MCG.
He said, 'Here in the UK some 60,000 less are expected too and if, as expected, imports from Ireland thin down because more Irish beef is being sold elsewhere to fill the holes left by the decline in Brazilian deliveries, then overall supplies will be even tighter.
For these reasons, Meyerson says, manufacturers can no longer thin down available oxides as much as they used to.
Retailers know they need to thin down the store, but they have real concerns about the ability for a WAN-based solution to scale.
Rich's[R] Della Suprema[R] pizza crusts delivers the pizza solutions that can grow your business and thin down your pizzas with ease.
With only 14 games left patience is wearing thin down Highfield Road.
With a starting parison thickness of 160 mils, the corners thin down to only 20-25 mils, but the minimum acceptable is 65 mils.