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Van der Merwe, the archetypal thickheaded Afrikaner, has been the beloved brunt of South African humour for decades.
Umm, that's a bit of a thickheaded accusation, seeing as Grout sings in ARABIC
Also lost is the fun Rowling seems to be having with the name "Smeltings," which conjures the process of smelting, by which iron is extracted from ore: a reasonable analogy for the education of the thickheaded Dudley.
his thickheaded iron-hand otherwise, but realizes he has hit a wall in
impenetrably thickheaded REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1978: impenetrably thickheaded chusheng rusi [TEXT NOT 2009: F.
To investigate his hunch, Horner and his team studied bone fragments from the three thickheaded skulls.