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the plot thickens

A situation or set of circumstances has become more complex, mysterious, interesting, or difficult to understand. A: "This whole time I presumed he was working for my father, but it turns out my father has never heard of him!" B: "Ooh, the plot thickens!" Now the plot thickens, as police have opened a line of inquiry into the governor's whereabouts on the date of the incident.
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thicken up

To become or cause something to be thicker, broader, or denser. A noun or pronoun can be used between "thicken" and "up." Leave the soup on a low heat for another hour so that it thickens up a bit. If your batter is too runny, add a bit of flour to thicken it up. They've put me on a calcium supplement to help thicken up my bones.
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plot thickens

Things are becoming more complicated or interesting. The police assumed that the woman was murdered by her ex-husband, but he has an alibi. The plot thickens. John is supposed to be going out with Mary, but I saw him last night with Sally. The plot thickens.
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thicken something up

1. to make something, such as a fluid, thicker. I have to thicken this gravy up before we can serve dinner. Please thicken up the gravy before you serve it.
2. to make something wider. See this line here? You need to thicken it up so that it shows more clearly. Try to thicken up the line a little.
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plot thickens, the

Circumstances are becoming very complex or mysterious. Today this term is often used ironically or half-humorously, as in His companion wasn't his wife or his partner-the plot thickens. Originally (1671) it described the plot of a play that was overly intricate, and by the late 1800s it was used for increasingly complex mysteries in detective stories.
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the plot thickens

People say the plot thickens when a situation or series of events starts to become even more complicated or strange. The plot thickens when he finds diamonds worth 6m euros hidden in a box of salt in the dead man's room. At this point the plot thickened further. A link emerged between the attempt to kill the Pope and the kidnapping of the American. Note: This phrase was widely used in 19th century melodramas, or popular plays that involved extreme situations and extreme emotions, and is now used humorously
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the plot thickens

the situation becomes more difficult and complex.
This expression comes from The Rehearsal ( 1671 ), a burlesque drama by George Villiers , 2nd Duke of Buckingham: ‘now the plot thickens very much upon us’.
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the plot ˈthickens

(often humorous) used to say that a situation is becoming more complicated and difficult to understand: Aha, so both Karen and Steve had the day off work yesterday? The plot thickens!
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thicken up

1. To become thicker or denser: The gravy thickened up.
2. To cause something to become thicker or denser: I thickened the batter up by adding more flour. The cook thickened up the fudge.
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Sugar, in concentrations above a specific level in the cooking liquid, literally hogs the water, and the starch can't get enough to swell and thicken as it cooks.
As long as the pattern of currents remains similar to today's, "the response of the ice shelf to a warming of the climate will be for it to thicken, rather than threatening its longevity," he says.
We know of no other mechanism that can produce laminae that progressively thicken and thin on such a regular time interval.
During the menstrual cycle the lining of the womb (uterus) thickens so that if you fall pregnant the fertilised egg can implant.
The Plot Thickens is not authorized by "Harry Potter" author J.
Place the bowl over the hot water and whisk until the mix thickens enough to coat the back of the spoon.
New Novethix L-10 polymer thickens and controls the rheology of challenging surfactant cleansing systems such as mild, sulfate/amide-free shampoos and facial cleansers or very low surfactant content formulations for economy markets.
Smoking thickens the lining of the throat, and can lead to throat cancer.
Just get it to 70 degrees and let it sit until it thickens.
The benzoin causes the tights to stick to the skin, and the shoe then rubs against the tights; some people also believe that benzoin thickens the skin.
Thickens each hair with a volumising complex, including panthenol, wheat protein and PVP-resin.
For example, the extreme southwestern portion of the central ice sheet thickens by some 210 millimeters each year.