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We are confident that our thick cream will soon establish its presence as a must-have ingredient in households across the Gulf," Attar added.
Charles has done a fantastic job and has revolutionised the place from when he first arrived," Thick said.
To prevent sinks in thick sections, extra cooling outside the mold may be needed: Try cooling the part in water or between aluminum sheets rather than just in air.
PLATE--Sheet steel that is more from 1/4-inch to 12-inches thick and more than 8inches wide.
TAPPI recently published approach flow guidelines for concentric mixing used for thick stock dilution before the fan pump.
I fell for an April Fool," as though you don't realise they are thick.
The Plaza also includes a complimentary document storage bag for easy removal and it is constructed with thick, reinforced plastic for added security.
Designers and operators of rubber extrusion dies have the challenging job of getting a material that naturally flows rapidly through thick sections and away from thin edges to exit a shaping tool with an overall local velocity profile that allows low and uniform drawdown.
One thin specimen set, designated "A", were unidirectional laminates, while the other thin specimens, designated set "B", and the thick specimens, designated set "C" were quasi-isotropic laminates where there were an equal number of fibers at 0[degrees], 90[degrees], +45[degrees], and -45[degrees].
We've teamed up with Kingsmill and Tesco to offer you a Kingsmill Square Cut Extra Thick loaf - absolutely FREE.
This year, the company is announcing three new products: the general-purpose RQ Jade XRF Wafer Analyzer for film thickness and composition measurements, the RQ Jade Maximus Disk Analyzer for composition and uniformity measurements on heavy, thick samples like sputter targets as employed in the production of thin-film magnetic materials, and the MQ Garnet 300 Laser Ellipsometer/Reflectometer for thin-film transparent layers.
The thick chaparral of a remote region in the Sespe Wilderness, part of the Los Padres National Forest, in Ventura, California, has concealed a lost herd of desert bighorn sheep for more than five years.
Thick clients typically require the program code to be resident and running on the client machine.
However, I am bewildered by their statement "These and other studies support the need for prompt examination of thick and thin blood films .
A good rule is: thin in the morning and thick in the evening.