there's something about somebody/something

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there's something about (someone or something)

There is a particular quality, trait, or characteristic of someone or something that is hard to define but makes them or it especially attractive, unusual, influential, or mysterious. There's something about the film, beyond its actors and technical creation, that leaves an impression on the viewer so profound that it is hard to think of anything else for days afterward. I knew from the outset that our relationship was doomed for failure, but there was something about her that drew me to her like a moth to a flame.
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there’s ˈsomething about somebody/something

somebody/something has a strange, attractive or unusual quality that influences you, but which is difficult to explain: There’s something about her I don’t like, but I can’t put it into words.
See also: somebody, something
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She earned full-fledged star status in 1998 for her performance in the box office smash There's Something About Mary.
Best known for: Her hair in There's Something About Mary.
IT'S a fairly accurate yardstick for just how skew-whiff the world's priorities are that Jonathan Richman is probably still best known to many as "that funny singing bloke who kept popping up throughout the film There's Something About Mary".
Was it: a) There's Something About Mary b) There's Something About Maurice or c) There's Something About Martha?
The traditional notion of electability holds that there's something about a candidate's biography or worldview that makes her more or less capable of winning over the swing voters who decide elections.
For example, in his image of a decorated box, there's something about the combination of neat, rigid geometry and wrinkled, vulnerable surface that conjures a subtle emotional pull, a certain unasked-for sympathy.
There's Something About Miriam follows the men who spent two weeks trying to pull the model, who has not yet undergone a sex-change operation, while staying at a villa on Ibiza.
There's something about mountains and green that gets me every time.
There's something about a steamy bowl of chili--the velvety beans and spicy sauce--that tastes just right in the fall.
Cineworld, Shrewsbury 01743 240350: Rush Hour (15)Babe Pig in the City (U) Out of Sight (15)The Negotiator (15)It's A Wonderful Life (U) There's Something About Mary (15) Ronin (15) Antz (PG)Blade (15)Small Soldiers (PG)Mulan (U).
When the world is at war and everything is just off, there's something about dancing - and I think it's subconscious - there's something about being 3 inches away from someone and looking them in the eye and holding their hand.
There's something about these decades of stereotyping that is just boring in the end.
You read a lot of things, but there's something about this show.
But there's something about an environment that informs the way you would acclimate to a character.
It's the kind of film that is a world, and you're going to want to inhabit that world, and there's something about the stereo experience that draws you in and wraps it around you so you're much more aware of the environment,'' continues Cameron.
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