(one's) word (of honor)

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(one's) word (of honor)

One's sincere promise or vow (about or to do something). I will be in that court to stand by your side during the trail—I give you my word of honor. After the president broke his word about lowering taxes for middle-class earners, I vowed never to vote for him again.
See also: word


1. A message from someone or something. I just got word that Diana landed in New York.
2. slang An expression of affirmation. A: "That concert was amazing!" B: "Word."

*word (from someone or something)

messages or communication from someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; hear ~; receive ~.) We have just received word from Perry that the contract has been signed.

someone's word of honor

someone's trustworthy pledge or promise. He gave me his word of honor that he would bring the car back by noon today.
See also: honor, of, word

word of honor

A pledge of one's good faith, as in On his word of honor he assured us that he was telling the truth. [Early 1800s]
See also: honor, of, word

your, his, etc. ˌword of ˈhonour

(British English) (American English your, his, etc. ˌword of ˈhonor) used to refer to somebody’s sincere promise: He gave me his word of honour that he’d never drink again.
See also: honour, of, word


1. and Word up. interj. Correct.; Right. I hear you, man. Word.
2. interj. Hello. (see also What’s the (good) word?.) Word. What’s new? A: Word. B: Word.
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Daniel Everett asked what was so funny, and his students responded that what they had just said sounded like their word for sky.
After precorrection was introduced to each of the three groups sequentially, their word reading accuracy improved dramatically.
This investigation team sought to teach the students a skill that would lower their word reading errors and, allows them to compete in the inclusive classroom with non-disabled peers.
The software integrates with popular word processors like Microsoft Word and WordPerfect - allowing users to translate documents in their word processor with the click of a button.
Prayers may or may not accomplish anything directly, but their words still have the ability to sustain people through the most difficult hardships.
As users speak into the microphone, their words appear immediately on the screen and in their documents with every word spelled correctly.
They can chat for hours that way, provided they restrict their words and phrases to those in the thesauruses, or set lists of words, on her machine.