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Summary: Tensions with Russia could cost Turkey's economy $9 billion in the worst-case scenario of "zero relations," the Turkish deputy prime minister said Monday.
The worst-case scenario will be the potential for a hurricane to produce the maximum amount of damage, in this case a category 5 hurricane.
Tokyo, Jan 23( ANI ): The Japanese Government had suppressed a report predicting the worst-case scenario for the Fukushima nuclear crisis until the end of 2011, sources in the administration have said.
Within The Worst-Case Scenario Business Survival Guide you'll find answers to the most dangerous situations your business will ever encounter, such as: how to stay in business when you can't make payroll; how to remove productivity leeches; how to fend off an employee coup; how to deal with a nightmare customer; and how to perform emergency surgery on your overheads.
At the moment, I do not particularly want to die, but it is not the worst-case scenario for me.
We do have a number of scenarios and scenario-planning, based on the reaction of the FIA, and the worst-case scenario would be to establish our own series.
While it is no fun planning for a doom-and-gloom future, it becomes imperative to do so before the worst-case scenario comes about.
Not only is the worst-case scenario far from a sure thing in the event of an American withdrawal, but there is also a best-case scenario.
To prepare for the worst-case scenario as well as address the ongoing structural budget deficit, the mayor said departments need to take the first step to reduce spending.
Failures range from the worst-case scenario of projects that are not completed, to projects that are over budget or that fall short of expected goals and objectives.
Under the worst-case scenario, cover would drop 66 per cent by 2030 and 96 per cent by 2070.
The worst-case scenario is based on the assumption that crude oil prices will soar because of a supply shortage if the Middle East becomes a battle zone following U.
Now, we're not suggesting you dash out to Barnes & Noble to snag a copy of The Worst-Case Scenario Survival [Handbook.
The Phillips/Ericsson situation is by no means the worst-case scenario that can be painted.
You wonder, on opening CTR senior editor Josh Piven's new bestseller, The WORST-CASE SCENARIO Survival Handbook, was it based on his experience here at West World?