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But it did her good, for those whose opinion had real value gave her the critism which is an author's best education, and when the first soreness was over, she could laugh at her poor little book, yet believe in it still, and feel herself the wiser and stronger for the buffeting she had received.
Mutual enquiries on common subjects passed: neither of them, probably, much the wiser for what they heard, and Anne continuing fully sensible of his being less at ease than formerly.
He turns and off he goes, and no one will ever be the wiser.
The WiSER initiative and Momentum for Change share a common theme; empower and inspire women to be catalysts of innovation and drivers of new companies and commercial solutions that secure access to energy, water and food while mitigating climate change.
Her questions annoy adult animals, except for Sir Parrot the Wiser and her friend the wise snake.
The Wiser Coach solution allows clients' own health coaches and third-party health coach services to have access to the company's Wiser Health tool, giving health coaches the ability to use the award winning Wiser Health solution to educate members, help them to prepare for doctors' appointments, and discuss possible treatment options with members.
Lundeen, director of the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women at CWRU, which oversees the WISER program.
RATING: 3/5 THE RIFLES: None The Wiser AROUND since 2006, The Rifles fit as perfectly into 2014's guitar-rock landscape as they would have done in the RIFLES: None The Wiser AROUND since 2006, The Rifles fit as perfectly into 2014's guitar-rock landscape as they would have done in the BritPop boom of the late 1990s.
have been taken to the Wiser Avenue location as the firm, a double-stack terminal and intermodal service provider, consolidates operations during the economic slowdown.
And while we all now know who killed DCI Eddie Hunter, his son Jamie is still none the wiser.
History proved Caddy's the wiser decision, since tracking the money from CREEP to the burglars was one of the main triggers that brought the Administration's dirty tricks and domestic espionage schemes to light.
Mr Smith," interrupted the judge, "I have been listening to you with great patience but, I must confess, I'm none the wiser.
Emergency responders use Palm products paired with the WISER application as wireless or stand-alone reference tools for gathering information on hazardous substances and supporting comprehensive decision support.
During the launch event, leadership from Masdar and the Zayed Future Energy Prize unveiled key elements of the WiSER initiative designed to promote the role women play in industries related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).