a/the turn of events

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turn of events

A sudden change or alteration in a situation or circumstance. After an unexpected turn of events, the president has announced that he will be resigning from office. Sometimes it takes a dramatic turn of events for our lives to head in the direction they were meant for.
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a/the ˌturn of eˈvents

the way things happen, especially when this is not expected: Because of a strange turn of events at work, she has unexpectedly been offered a very good job in the sales department.
See also: event, of, turn
References in classic literature ?
But while I realised all this, and, with a veritable aching of the heart at the loss of her, felt a curious satisfaction at the turn of events, still my own psychology became all the more a puzzle to me, and I asked myself, with some impatience, what I would be at, and what it was I really wanted.
Miranda was rather mollified by and pleased with the turn of events, although she did not intend to show it, or give anybody any reason to expect that this expression of hospitality was to serve for a precedent on any subsequent occasion.
Perhaps I can get a job on some newspaper," he thought, and then his mind turned to the girl with whom he was to have spent this evening and again he was half angry at the turn of events that had prevented his going to her.
Al-Mashhadani said in a press conference held at the headquarters of al-Wefaq movement in Baghdad today, that what is happening in the belt of Baghdad worries us, and we fear that the turn of events from there to another areas of Baghdad, and accused armed groups / unnamed / riding military vehicles type ( Hummer), of kidnapping citizens from the belt areas of Baghdad.
However, it would make sense to assume that Kage must have been, to say the legal least, surprised at the turn of events.
Millie's Restaurant attributes the turn of events to strengthening its security system at the Vanowen Street eatery that was robbed Oct.
Not surprisingly, Scalia disputed the turn of events.
But the turn of events is prompting new questions about online scrutiny.
Forensic and scenes-of-crime officers were at the scene, and Henry Cecil, whose famous Warren Place stables are situated a few minutes walk from the copse, was among those shocked by the turn of events.
Born identified Manhattan's hotel sector as "singled out" by the turn of events since Sept.
He was, he said, "emotionally shaken" and very upset at the turn of events.
We look forward to seeing this long process end and we are very pleased with the turn of events these last few days.
While David coolly accepts the spelling bee's new place in pop culture and on prime-time TV, his mother is quite pleased with the turn of events.
Expressing mixed feelings' about the turn of events, Morgan said, "obviously, there is a lot of sorrow, but at the same time, this is an incredible opportunity for TBT.
While we are of course disappointed with the turn of events at Service Merchandise, we remain optimistic that fiscal 2000 will be another record year for Meade Instruments.