trouble with

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trouble someone with something

to bother someone with something, such as a question or a problem. I hate to trouble you with this, but could you help me adjust my binoculars? Don't trouble yourself with this matter.
See also: trouble
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The trouble with our modern society is that people neither have the time nor the inclination to listen anymore.
The trouble with Trouble From the Start is that it's too timid.
2) The trouble with Patty Loveless' "Truth" is her material.
10, 1995--(NASDAQ: MXIS) Maxis, creator of the "Sim" line of software entertainment, today announced the release of Marty and The Trouble With Cheese, a computer adventure kids can truly call their own.
Leaving the mouse and keyboard behind, Marty and The Trouble With Cheese uses a microphone and a child's voice to drive the storyline as on-screen characters respond to speech and sound.
1, Marty and The Trouble With Cheese is available at an estimated retail price of $34.