the tools of the trade

the tools of the/(one's) trade

The specific tools used in a particular profession. If you want to become a painter, you have to familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade—which include more than just paintbrushes. As a reporter, the tools of my trade used to be a pencil and a pad of paper—but now technology has changed the game.
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the tools of the trade


the tools of your trade

The tools of the trade or the tools of your trade are the skills and equipment that you need to do your job. He was never really a novelist, having no use for the usual tools of the trade such as plot and suspense. The peasants were deprived of their animals, the tools of their trade, and their land.
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the tools of the/your ˈtrade

the things you need to do your job: We are proud to make David’s boots, because they are the tools of his trade as a professional footballer.Ambulancemen now believe that helicopters are vital tools of the trade.
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They have in the past been the tools of the trade for youngsters carrying out trick-or-treat calls on households.
The most recent collection, called The Tools of the Trade, was launched in August and comes with nine fabric books: Sparkle, Satin Lustre, Sheer Linen, Textures, Sateen, Pure Poplin, Casual Stripes and Checks, Satin Shimmer, and Silky Stripes and Solids.
Some 800 to 1,000 people turned out for the festivities, and 30 middle- and high-school students were selected in a statewide competition to work side-by-side with professional scientists, learning the tools of the trade and being a part of scientific research.
We have invested in the tools of the trade - a screwdriver - and we're ready to start work.
From the abacus to spreadsheets to enterprise resource planning software, the tools of the trade for accounting professionals continue to evolve.
They must produce products that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with management, and focus more on subjects such as communication theory, goals and objectives, research, negotiation and quality -- less on the tools of the trade.
In the past the Tools of the Trade line was supported through more traditional means, like mailers," said Adams, who added that a full-scale advertising campaign is key to product branding.