the time of (one's) life

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the time of (one's) life

An extremely fun, exciting, or enjoyable time (doing something). I traveled to France for the first time last summer, and I had the time of my life! A: "Did the kids enjoy the circus?" B: "Oh, they had the time of their lives!"
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time of one's life

An extremely pleasurable experience; see under of one's life.
See also: life, of, time

the time of your life

a period or occasion of exceptional enjoyment.
See also: life, of, time

time of (one's) life

A highly pleasurable experience: We had the time of our lives at the beach.
See also: life, of, time
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Middle age is the time of life when family responsibilities come to the fore," De Vita said.
Medical spas are poised for unparalled success as ageing baby boomers, constituting 28 percent of the population, are at the time of life where they have disposable income and a desire to look and feel young.
1 : the time of life between being a child and an adult <He spent his youth in Europe.
People can identify with growing up, the time of life when they're making decisions about what they should do, and what they're going to be.