the tail end

tail end (of something)

1. The rearmost part of something. Don't hold your breath—you're at the tail end of the list of applications.
2. The last or concluding part of something. The famous author only appeared at the tail end of the panel.
See also: end, tail

(at) the tail ˈend (of something)

(at) the final or last part (of something): I didn’t hear most of the conversation — I only came in at the tail end.
See also: end, tail
References in classic literature ?
Indeed, it was such a thundering poor success that it raised wondering scowls all along the line, and a gorgeous flunkey at the tail end of it raised his whip; but I jumped in time and was under it when it fell; and under cover of the volley of coarse laughter which fol- lowed, I spoke up sharply and warned the king to take no notice.
The tail end of this procession was climbing the market house stairs when the twins arrived in its neighborhood; when they reached the hall, it was full of people, torches, smoke, noise, and enthusiasm.
When Captain Hansen lighted the fuse and hooked the fish hook into the tail end of a native's loin cloth, that native was smitten with so an ardent a desire for the shore that he forgot to shed the loin cloth.
The extraordinary timber projections which I have seen in no other vessel made her square stern resemble the tail end of a miller's waggon.
So that is the tail end of the telegram which Godfrey Staunton dispatched within a few hours of his disappearance.
They said that another major issue being faced by the farmers having lands at the tail ends of the irrigation system was the direct watercourse connections from the canals which the Supreme Court had ordered to be closed down, as they caused water shortages in canals and as a result water did not reach the tail end of the system and lands there were affected.
Pagasa also said the tail end of the cold front is expected to bring scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms over Bicol region and the provinces of Samar and Quezon.
Metro Manila and most parts of Luzon will have cloudy skies and scattered rain due to the tail end of a cold front, the state weather bureau said Wednesday.
lamented that despite abundant quantum of water, the irrigation canals of the Sukkur and Kotri barrages were not supplying irrigation water to all the tail end areas.
Tenders are invited for MTPS I Civil circle - CM Dn II - Arresting the seepage by pressure grouting using construction chemicals in the side walls of tail end floor including floor finish both to the tail end floor and apron feeder floor in wagon tippler 3 at MTPS-I
A traditional belief holds that cowards are most likely found lurking in the tail end of an advancing army.
Addressing an open katchery at a local circuit house, he directed DIG Police Hyderabad and Commissioner Hyderabad Division to set up their camp offices in Badin for extending administrative support to supply water up to the tail end.
MOST people were sent scurrying for shelter by the the tail end of Hurricane Katia - but not everyone.
And as we enter the tail end of the summer hols, the latest adventure of Tink is clearly designed to be a must for little girls.
After initial static "slugging" of the line for three weeks, over-odorized natural gas was flowed through the line while odorant levels were monitored at the tail end of the pipe.