the story of life

the story of somebody's life

something that repeatedly happens to someone She's involved with another guy who says he's going to divorce his wife soon - that's the story of her life.
See also: life, of, story
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00 Departs Aug & Sept 2014 Step inside Buckingham Palace on this Royal Break and experience The 'Royal Childhood' Exhibition, which tells the story of life as a young member of the royal family at Buckingham Palace.
The app includes a number of multimedia add-ons and features an interactive timeline, which takes you through the story of life in Pompeii and Herculaneum before and after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD, photos of the exhibits and interviews with the exhibition experts.
WHO WE ARE WRINKLES tell the story of life Upon the human face, Years roll on and on and every Tale or story leaves a trace, It's our weakness and strength, Time so unforgiving leaves Its mark, Tell-tale lines, creased forehead Skin puckered and dark, Your life is in your face, nothing Left to conceal, It's what we think, what we hide, What we do and feel, It's what makes us interesting, who We are and how we are seen, I'm me, you are you and as we age It's all there, Everyone can see what we have been.
THIS week's documentary tells the story of life inside the Irish regiments of the British Army.
However, the story of life, both plant and animal, is the story of adaptation to changing environments.