the ghost at the feast

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the ghost/spectre at the feast

  (British literary)
something or someone that spoils your enjoyment by making you remember something unpleasant John was the spectre at the feast, always reminding her of her broken promise.
See also: feast, ghost
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I HATE to be the spectre at the feast but does it strike anyone else that the business acumen of the new Blues board leaves something to be desired given that they have paid pounds 30 million over the realistic market price for the club.
Amidst the rush of fulsome eulogies following the sad death of Bobby Robson, one feels a little like the spectre at the feast.
But the spectre at the feast was an un-reached agreement--the long-cherished (by the EU at least) trans-Atlantic open aviation area.
At this week's Dunhill Links championship he could qualify as the spectre at the feast.
But the Spectre at the Feast, the Nightmare on Downing Street, still sends a chill through the corridors of power.
On the other hand, California is the spectre at the feast.