the smoke

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the (big) smoke

  (British & Australian)
a big city, especially London, Sydney or Melbourne So when were you last in the smoke, then?
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The struggle in the smoke had pictured an exaggeration of itself on the bleached cheeks and in the eyes wild with one desire.
A light fan of air drifted the smoke away at the time so that I saw clearly.
Sometimes they threw upon the fire green branches with many leaves, whereupon the smoke became very thick.
The former, however, shortly roused himself to new exertions, and, drawing his companion after him, they skirted the edge of the smoke, the young man penetrating frequently into its dense volumes in search of a passage, but in every instance without success.
I say that Ellen is getting uneasy, and as the smoke is lifting from the plain, it may be prudent to take another flight.
Now look off yonder to the East," said the old man, as he began to lead the way across the murky and still smoking plain; "little fear of cold feet in journeying such a path as this: but look you off to the East, and if you see a sheet of shining white, glistening like a plate of beaten silver through the openings of the smoke, why that is water.
I was pretty hungry, but it warn't going to do for me to start a fire, because they might see the smoke.
But, it was half-past one before we saw her smoke, and soon afterwards we saw behind it the smoke of another steamer.
And my dear Mortimer,' returned Eugene, lightly fanning away the smoke with his hand for the better exposition of his frankness of face and manner, 'believe me, I would answer them instantly if I could.
With the first full puff of the smoke he gave over his moans and yelps, the agitation began to fade out of him, and Daughtry, appreciatively waiting, saw the trembling go out of his hands, the pendulous lip-quivering cease, the saliva stop flowing from the corners of his mouth, and placidity come into the fiery remnants of his eyes.
Apollyon also entered heartily into the fun, and contrived to flirt the smoke and flame of the engine, or of his own breath, into their faces, and envelop them in an atmosphere of scalding steam.
Several bullets struck the log-house, but not one entered; and as the smoke cleared away and vanished, the stockade and the woods around it looked as quiet and empty as before.
The smoke was a little dispersed, and by the light of the sparkling match objects might, for two seconds, be distinguished.
The fire seemed to smoke excessively, and in the thick of the smoke a round dark object hung suspended.
On the other side the yard windows were thrown up, and people were shouting all sorts of things; but I kept my eye fixed on the stable door, where the smoke poured out thicker than ever, and I could see flashes of red light; presently I heard above all the stir and din a loud, clear voice, which I knew was master's: