the rocky road to

rocky road (to something)

The difficult, troubled, or uneven journey or development (to some status, position, or result). In the interview, she discusses her childhood, her inspirations, and the rocky road to presidency. The film's rocky road leading to its release has been the subject of much speculation and concern from fans.
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the rocky road to —

a difficult progression to something.
2001 Star So far A1 haven't put a foot wrong on the rocky road to superstardom.
See also: road, rocky
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Entrepreneur and budding baker Faten Amin is on the Rocky Road to success with a chocolate-inspired recipe that has created a huge culinary snack stir across the island.
JEFF HENDRICK says Ireland are willing to take the rocky road to Russia.
We coconut possibly ignore this matter another second; we will take the rocky road to the nearest stand and we will espresso our support for this cause.
Now Shane McGowan and The Aftermath, above, have teamed up with their own version of the Rocky Road to keep spirits high.
Recording radio waves from the region around a young star, astronomers have for the first time documented a key step in the rocky road to planethood: making pebbles.
The Rocky Road To Poland was written by the listeners of Today FM's Ray D'Arcy Show and it's hoped it will help inspire the lads at this summer's tournament.
The Rocky Road to Dublin was shown only once in one Dublin cinema before it was banned.
Stills from the once-banned film The Rocky Road To Dublin.
The FAI chief called in to the Today FM studios and said he was overwhelmed by the The Rocky Road To Poland, which was written by Ray D'Arcy Show listeners.
Where would you get Damien Dempsey, Danny O'Reilly from the Coronas, Bressie and The Dubliners together only on the Rocky Road to Poland.
T'was in the merry month of June, from our home we started, Left old Eireann's Isle, to Poland we departed, Hope within our hearts, we can win the trophy, We are all a part of Trapattoni's army, Get behind the team, hear the Irish scream, C'mon you boys in green, Ireland's bouncing back again, We have got our Trap, the cat is in the sack, We'll not forget you Jack, On the rocky road to Poland.
THEY hiked up Kilimanjaro for charity, but Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh are finding the rocky road to recovery even harder.