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The rap sheet says the 73-year-old was arrested last week for "inflicting corporal injury on spouse/cohabitant" and possession of a controlled substance.
According to the rap sheet, filed in California's Huntington Beach Police Arrest Log, Ford, 73, was also in possession of a controlled substance.
The finding may expand the rap sheet on cadmium--already fingered in lung cancer and kidney damage--to include reproductive disorders and possibly hormone-related malignancies such as breast cancer.
Among other findings, the Rap Sheet documents 60 misdemeanor or felony charges against 50 companies and their managers, 43 public health recalls that total approximately 67,000 tons of meat, hundreds of manure spills, and over $50 million in criminal fines.
My own father's pedigree--seven kids by four women--looks like the rap sheet for one more deadbeat.
Writing for a unanimous court in the rap sheet case, Justice John Paul Stevens observed that "If it is always true that the damage to a private citizen's privacy interest from a rap sheet's production outweighs the FOIA-based public value of such disclosure, then it is perfectly appropriate to conclude as a categorical matter that production of such [rap sheets] could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.
Illicit affairs, violence, gambling, sexual misconduct, serial arrogance - the rap sheet for top footballers is as tawdry as it is long.
THE rap sheet against Ken Clarke is so long he should have been sent down months ago.
Most recently, the rap sheet on estrogen and progestin includes signs of harm.
They could have included our stinky sewage systems, illegal landfills and litter strewn streets on the rap sheet.
He has energy, and a quick smile, and an innocence, and you wonder if the rap sheet is matched with the right mug shot.
Among the amendments allowed in the information on the rap sheets was to change the term Sub-Allotment Release Orders (Sub-ARO) to Special Allotment Release Orders (SARO) to correct a "clerical error" cited by the prosecution.
Anyway, we thought it prudent to pull the rap sheets of those responsible for ``The Dukes of Hazzard'' movie.
com posts the Super Bowl Rap Sheet, a special section on NFL players and crime, including the rap sheets for 13 Super Bowl participants.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE - The rap sheets of desperado Jesse James and his gang.