pitched battle

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pitched battle

A volatile fight or argument. There was a pitched battle between both political parties before the election.
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a pitched battle

a fierce fight.
Literally, a pitched battle is one fought on a predetermined ground (the pitch ), as opposed to either a casual skirmish or a running battle (see running).
See also: battle, pitch

a ˌpitched ˈbattle

1 a fight that involves a large number of people: There was a pitched battle earlier today between police and demonstrators. Two hundred people were injured, ten seriously.
2 a military battle fought with soldiers arranged in prepared positions
See also: battle, pitch
References in classic literature ?
The powerful Lake Power & Electric Lighting corporation came to the rescue, and Klinkner, seeing what he thought was the opportunity, went over to the enemy in the thick of the pitched battle.
Whitman describes the decline of the legal culture of battle in the age of the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War, claiming that is was not technological advances that ended the pitched battle, but political issues and the decline of monarchies.
She said she's reminded daily that the pitched battle waged decades ago was worth it.
Greg Arnette, Founder and CEO of IntelliReach stated, "As part of the pitched battle between Microsoft and Novell for dominance of the market for corporate messaging systems technologies, both companies have publicly touted supremacy of one and the failings of the other.