paper trail

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paper trail

Physical or digital documentation of a person's activities. The con artist wrote fraudulent checks all over the state, leaving a paper trail for police to follow. Frank swore that he wasn't using the company's computer for illegal activities, but the digital paper trail he left proved otherwise.
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*paper trail

Fig. a series of records that is possible to examine to find out the sequence of things that happen. (*Typically: have ~; leave ~; make ~.) The legal department requires all these forms so that there is a paper trail of all activity.
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a paper trail

A paper trail is written evidence of someone or something's activities. Police investigations found a paper trail of checks that were written on false bank accounts. Unlike conventional voting systems, many electronic systems leave no paper trail to allow results to be double-checked.
See also: paper, trail
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The paper trail could be consulted in the event of a recount.
The focus of tribunal proceedings is consequently moving away from the witness evidence to the paper trail.
Montreal-based Domtar Corporation has declared significant updates to The Paper Trail, its award-winning interactive tool that assists customers trace the effect of their paper purchases.
All the parties supported the paper trail proposal.
The seven figure deal has enabled The Paper Trail, which is the charitable trust that owns the mill, to open the new centre offering visitors the opportunity to learn more about the heritage of the mill, provide exhibition facilities, a cafe and educational exhibits for school parties and visitors.
Perlin is adept at excavating the paper trail we leave behind us every day--a true vernacular--and watching a computerized receipt for a purchase of Chinese note cards form itself before us immerses us in the ubiquity of the generic and the hidden implications of the mundane.
She states that the paper trail confirms this assertion.
Sometimes the paper trail is useful in summarizing such discussions for potential buyers.
Deputy editor Frank Fellone said TV columnist and "Otus the Head Cat" owner Michael Storey will pick up the paper trail, wherever it leads.
So far, the paper trail left by the World Trade Center saboteurs has led to friendly Arab states like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates rather than to Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan.
COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES REVOLVE around the gradual disapperance of the paper trail and the resulting need for special controls.
She sent her daughter to live with her father and moved into the Paper Trail headquarters.
Online bill payments also allow banking customers to reduce the paper trail and save money by avoiding late fees and the costs involved with sending their own payments.
The loss of the paper trail carries serious auditing implications " (The Implications of Electronic Evidence).
MILITARY to help organize the paper trail and secure and authenticate the identity of its personnel," stated Dore Perler, CEO of SENSE Holdings, Inc.