the outside world

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the outside world

The people, culture, ideas, or experiences beyond an enclosed, sheltered, or remote place, situation or environment. Being raised out on the farm meant Jacob had little knowledge of the outside world. Anthropologists came upon an indigenous society that had had no previous contact with the outside world.
See also: outside, world

the outside ˈworld


the world outˈside

the rest of the world; somewhere where you are in contact with or have the normal way of life of most people: After 15 years in a monastery, he got a job in the outside world. It was quite a shock for him.
See also: outside, world
References in classic literature ?
In addition to the Wizard two other personages from the outside world had been allowed to make their home in the Emerald City.
There are a dozen ways of communicating with the outside world, and when that's once done, it seems to me that the position of Squire Fentolin of St.
And I used to think," she said, "that after all I could only keep you a little time - that presently the voices from the outside world would come whispering in your ears, and you would steal back again to where the wheels of life were turning.
John, cooped up in the valley, and absorbed in his work, had had little chance of learning the news of the outside world during the last twelve years.
As a business investment, yes; for the virtues of the valley were on the eve of being discovered by the outside world, and no better location for a summer home could be found.
We felt that once beyond it we might look with some little hope of success for a passage to the outside world.
They were passing through on their way to the outside world along the corridors we had just traversed.
At the slightest impact of the outside world upon his consciousness, his thoughts, sympathies, and emotions leapt and played like lambent flame.
At half-past twelve next day Lord Henry Wotton strolled from Curzon Street over to the Albany to call on his uncle, Lord Fermor, a genial if somewhat rough-mannered old bachelor, whom the outside world called selfish because it derived no particular benefit from him, but who was considered generous by Society as he fed the people who amused him.
I am not fond of a schoolroom: I like the outside world better.
As I stood there beneath that tree--a tree which should have been part of a coal-bed countless ages since--and looked out across a sea teeming with frightful life--life which should have been fossil before God conceived of Adam--I would not have given a minim of stale beer for my chances of ever seeing my friends or the outside world again; yet then and there I swore to fight my way as far through this hideous land as circumstances would permit.
I could readily understand how it might have been that Caprona had been invaded in the past by venturesome navigators without word of it ever reaching the outside world, for I can assure you that only by submarine could man pass up that great sluggish river, alive.
In spite of his lack of amiability, I could not help seeing, in Rogojin a man of intellect and sense; and although, perhaps, there was little in the outside world which was of.
So their little commerce with the outside world shrunk as the trodden paths across the open grew fewer and fainter.
She was not inattentive so much as remote; she looked at once so unseeing and so intent upon some vision of her own that Mary gradually felt more than protective--she became actually alarmed at the prospect of some collision between Katharine and the forces of the outside world.