the oldest profession

the oldest profession (in the world)

prostitution (= being paid to have sex) I believe she made a living in the oldest profession in the world.
See also: old, profession
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Meanwhile, Susan Hall, Conservative Councillor and leader of Harrow Council, asserted that prostitution may be the oldest profession in the world, but a complaint of this sort is a new one for them and the trading standards manual doesn't cover it.
Annika Cleeve is not her real name but this is her real story: a raw and honest account of life in the raw as a new recruit to the oldest profession.
People say prostitution is part of our societal fabric, that it's the oldest profession in the world so we just have to figure out a way to live with it.
Women have been doing it for years, it is the oldest profession, and with the present climate it brings out the devianst who are hunting for the vulnerable.
When three men arrived in heaven at the same time, Saint Peter realized he had room for only one newcomer and said he would let in the man who practiced the oldest profession.
Containers nicknamed "Bird houses" were installed to facilitate the oldest profession.
Prostitution is the oldest profession and appears in every corner of human civilization and every period of history.
THE oldest profession in the ascent of humankind has now more than met its match with the ancient art of story-telling.
Summary: BEIRUT: Prostitution, the oldest profession in the world, is alive and well in modern-day Lebanon and is outstripping previous attempts to control and monitor the trade.
A DOCTOR, a civil engineer, and an IT helpdesk expert were arguing about what was the oldest profession in the world.
Her many other acclaimed plays include The Long Christmas Ride Home, The Mineola Twins, The Baltimore Waltz, (nomination for Pulitzer Prize in Drama), Hot N Throbbing, Desdemona, And Baby Makes Seven and The Oldest Profession.
A documentary-style look at how the oldest profession is struggling to cope in the economic downturn, it's fatally undermined by the lead, Sasha Grey, a real-life porn star who absolutely, categorically cannot act.
Turning tricks may have been awfully enjoyable for Magnanti but let us not forget a few tiresome facts about the oldest profession.
Although the BunnyRanch is seeing an increase in potential prostitutes Hof says, "the BunnyRanch needs the bailout money to guarantee success for the oldest profession in Nevada.
Looking at the women themselves, why they came to the oldest profession in history, and how they dealt with the daily hazards of the profession such as contraception and venereal diseases.