the (old) heave-ho

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the (old) heave-ho

A dismissal or rejection of a person, especially from a place of employment. I can't believe the boss gave me the old heave-ho after five years on the job! A: "Did you hear that Liz broke up with Dan?" B: "Wow, I knew there's be fallout over his infidelity, but I never expected her to give him the heave-ho!"

*old heave-ho

the act of throwing someone out; the act of firing someone. (From nautical use, where sailors used heave-ho to coordinate hard physical labor. One sailor called "Heave-ho," and all the sailors would pull at the same time on the ho. *Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) I wanted to complain to the management, but they called a security guard and I got the old heave-ho. That's right. They threw me out! They fired a number of people today, but I didn't get the heave-ho.
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old heave-ho

(ˈold ˈhivˈho)
n. a dismissal; a physical removal of someone from a place. I thought my job was secure, but today I got the old heave-ho.
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You could experience joy after lots of aggravation, despite getting the old heave-ho.
Believe it or not, this is the same person who recently gave you the old heave-ho.
AFCU argues that the bankers played dirty by waiting until they would have no (presumably lower-priced) competition before giving the credit union the old heave-ho.
In November, after a 4-3 defeat to Wimbledon in front of 6,221 at Selhurst Park, Atkinson got the old heave-ho.
Last week he kicked Michelle into touch (albeit temporarily - providing she'll have him back again) in an attempt to make Tracy give Ryan the old heave-ho.
Autolycus (a dazzling quicksilver turn by Hamish Linklater), the rogue servant who is given the old heave-ho by his royal master for his wicked ways, cuts a cute figure when he's forced to live by his wits in the forest of Bohemia.
I bet they'll dry up when he gets the old heave-ho.
From there, it was back to safety of the Sox's sanitary facilities for some more of the old heave-ho.
Once dad hands over his holdings, they give him the old heave-ho.
The whole storyline, from their getting together, his resignation and her family fallout, is completely ludicrous and I for one can't wait until scriptwriters decide it's time for the doc to give her the old heave-ho.
The New York Times gave its stand- alone "A Nation Challenged" section the old heave-ho New Year's Eve.
And he illustrated the point perfectly with two goals in the space of three minutes to give Crystal Palace the old heave-ho in their big holiday derby.
95 studded blue collar and apply myself to giving him the old heave-ho into the tub, half-filled with TICK OFF-fortified warm water.
You never know when you'll have to discipline one of your employees or give 'em the old heave-ho.
He's constantly shifted out wide and when it doesn't work, then he gets the old heave-ho.