the odds are

(the) odds are (that)

It is very likely or probable that (something is the case or will happen). If you own your own business, odds are that you've had to deal with one of these many frustrations firsthand. I'll try to get there before you've started eating dinner, but the odds are I won't make it before 8 o'clock.
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the odds ˈare (that...)

(also (it’s) odds-ˈon (that...)) it is very likely that: I don’t think we can come. The odds are that we won’t be able to get a babysitter — not on Christmas Eve.It was odds-on that they would decide to get married, so no one was surprised.
See also: odds
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It has certainly given me a challenge, although I am not sure if the odds are a little optimistic," said the Tory politician.
A bet represents value for money if the odds are bigger than they should be.
If I'm a betting man, what do I think the odds are that the cosmos has a meaning and I have a place in it?
The more kids that you have with the capability of running fast, the odds are someone is going to step up and do better than you expected,'' DeLong said.
The odds are it will take about three months, which is about average.
The odds are that he or she will not tell you if you are toast, and even if you are told that your career with the company is still promising, you probably will not believe it.
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