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Love does not act unbecomingly, like that time you made eyes at the cello player from Cuba at that fundraising concert because you were convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt he was staring at you while he played love songs even though we were in the nosebleed section for heaven's sake, not to mention that your fan letters came back marked return to sender, not that I crowed about that much.
I was one of those GIs sitting in the nosebleed section in 1967 when Johnny brought the USO Christmas show to Vietnam," Chief Bratton told the guests.
Cena unleashed the wrong end of his hard-hitting F-U slam on Federline that was felt in the nosebleed section of the cheering Staples Center.
Way up in the nosebleed section, frontmen Luke and Matt pitch a few words to the mag they grew up on.
Yes, our seats were pretty much in the nosebleed section, but we didn't care.
She agreed, and they obtained tickets in the nosebleed section through Canada Starch.
Hindsight is also excellent up here in the nosebleed section.
Steiner's career makes for a long conversation; You Gotta Have Balls is not only his attempt at making a personal introduction with his readers but hopes to lead them out of the nosebleed section.
When I go to work in Cambridge, I sometimes stop for an iced coffee at a coffee and doughnut chain store (you know the one - they give kids tickets to seats in the nosebleed section of Fenway Park).
The large projection screens at the Bowl help bring the actors closer to patrons in the nosebleed section, but the performers still have to do their jobs.
They sat us in the nosebleed section in folding chairs.
For a reciprocal view from Bowl to Ford, you have to be in the audience toward the nosebleed section to get a mere peek at what looks like a tree-covered castle.
That's kind of a dream come true because I remember when I was a kid trying to get into Laker games and having to sit in the nosebleed section.
Needless to say, these were all in the nosebleed sections.