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Batocabe said the Marcoses should take the moral high ground to unify the people because they had proven their point.
Then there were those who took the moral high ground with talk of independence, which others saw as just insular attitudes.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has the moral high ground and his call for British tax havens to be forced to play fair will strike a chord with working Britons who pay their taxes and carry the burden of rich cheats.
It will be difficult to claim the moral high ground from now on.
None of the parties involved could get to the moral high ground without the aid of a ladder.
Predictably the West takes the moral high ground while conveniently choosing to ignore the roots of the present conict.
Britain needs to do some serious soul searching before taking the moral high ground over other countries.
The 51-year-old politician said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that Democrat's don't have the moral high ground when it comes to women's issues as the former President took advantage of a girl who was 20 years old and an intern in his office, which is inexcusable, CBS News reported.
Framed by an overview at the beginning and a concluding analysis, the chapters on the four thinkers form the heart of Contesting the Moral High Ground.
Many Newcastle fans are still bitter about his exit on a free transfer but Owen (above) said: "I've seen it a million times, a club will lie to their fans to take the moral high ground "They didn't ever offer me a new contract.
Why is it that football clubs must take the moral high ground when governments trade with the tyrant Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe?
Then came the now desiccated Hugh Grant (caught in a car with LA hooker Divine Brown) clambering to the moral high ground.
Had he done that first, he'd have gained the moral high ground.
IT'S interesting that Middlesbrough councillor Mike Carr has taken the moral high ground in his condemnation of male and female enforced sterilisation, yet condones it as a means of contraception (Moral Guardians, 03.
Their enthusiasm for giving people rights to die and abort their babies, while opposing capital punishment for murderers, rather undermines their woeful attempt to gain the moral high ground by, eg, opposing the wars.
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