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In spite of appearances, she was unwilling to present any outward acknowledgment of the march of time.
Which things, aided by the march of time, had turned George's tastes towards the healthy, open-air girl, who did things instead of dropping them.
Just with the march of time, (the existing student union) no longer addresses the needs of our students, Wheeler said.
When I was happy in my prime, And everything was so sublime, I did not fear the march of time.
My biggest problem is the march of time, the fact I will end up going grey, be a little fat man and won't be able to wear trainers and look cool.
The March of Time fused "news, entertainment, and advertising," Schwartz writes, noting that it set "the stage for other programs, less interested in accuracy or fair play, that were to follow.
The competition, titled The March of Time, had a theme of spring and stories had to be up to 1,000 words long.
Memory lanes everywhere have been demolished and the march of time has erased almost all traces of older working class culture.
Exhibitors were skittish, but The March of Time won over audiences and critics.
The forgetfulness accompanying the march of time may be reversible - in mice at least.
The march of time left him struggling to remember dealings with Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch.
A source said: "He's music's ultimate survivor but not even the Keith Richards can stop the march of time.
And with the march of time, fewer and fewer people are left who remember the Second World War.
A little thing I've noticed That marks the march of time Not going grey or slowing down I cope with them just fine It's not the increased wrinkles Or the hair growing in my ears It's how often nowadays My eyes fill up with tears I hear a piece of music And I feel my spirits rise Then before I know it Teardrops fill my eyes.
My desire to slow the march of time down to the sort of speed that Gareth Barry showed against Germany on Sunday is for a far less selfish reason.