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SHREWSBURY 2 ROTHERHAM 1 NICKY WROE was the man of the hour with a deserved late winner for the Shrews.
Now we see once staunch Republicans and 'yes' men like Colin Powell suddenly leap over the fence to sit in the Obama Camp, stating that President-elect Obama is the man of the hour and that he should be supported.
NORTON Knights Colts continued their climb up the under-13s division with a 5-1 win over Brookvale United, four-goal Adam Collins the man of the hour in the win.
His girlfriend, meanwhile, was forced to defend her newfound boyfriend from the leagues of teenage girls, asses literally bursting from the tops of their dungarees, as they jockeyed for position around the man of the hour.
Yet, for some reason, Hahn's still the man of the hour among the United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, which recently endorsed his re-election bid - a year early.
So when her friend and former employer Everett Carson, the difficult and demanding publisher of the country's most controversial black magazine, Diaspora, is late for the National Association of Black Journalists' annual convention banquet (at which he is to receive the prestigious Journalist of the Year award), she leads another old friend and fellow journalist Paul Buffer off to find the man of the hour.
Everywhere he is thought to be what he seems: honourable, intelligent, the man of the hour.
In The Man of the Hour (1905) she told the story of John Winslow's economic education, defending old-fashioned individual enterprise.
A trip to Knott's Merry Farm would not be complete without a visit with the man of the hour - Santa
But the man of the hour wisely may not have even bothered to attend the often tedious three-hour-plus tribute.
Tom McClintock has become the man of the hour - his poll numbers are up, media attention on him has increased and he very likely could hold the key to who wins if Gov.
Best actor winner Adrien Brody was definitely the man of the hour, accepting congratulations from the academy voters who bestowed the award on him.
Singing a soulful ``Happy Birthday'' to the man of the hour were famous friends Cuba Gooding Jr.
The final seconds fade into history and the man of the hour is mobbed.
Miller, a former board member, is the man of the hour.