the love of life

the love of your life

the person that you love most in all your life And there I was, watching the love of my life board a plane to go to the other side of the world.
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References in classic literature ?
There is not a hope," replied Faria, shaking his head, "but no matter; God wills it that man whom he has created, and in whose heart he has so profoundly rooted the love of life, should do all in his power to preserve that existence, which, however painful it may be, is yet always so dear.
And if I say exile (and this may possibly be the penalty which you will affix), I must indeed be blinded by the love of life, if I am so irrational as to expect that when you, who are my own citizens, cannot endure my discourses and words, and have found them so grievous and odious that you will have no more of them, others are likely to endure me.
In 1995 he initiated his Biophily project, named for Erich Fromm's concept of "biophilia," the love of life, as opposed to "necrophilia" (love of death).
Murphy founded For the Love of Life Foundation, a wish-granting organization for people with HIV/AIDS,
Calvin Mackie has opened his soul and allowed us to smell the tar, the gumbo, the cut grass, and the love of life that is invaluable to any human being.
He taught me all I know about perseverance, entrepreneurship and the love of life.