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The Jitters staff consists of 18 employees, who vary from full-time to part-time depending on the season and school schedules.
Whether you're a middle of the packer, a front liner, or a newcomer, anyone who pins on a number at the starting line develops a few tricks to beat the jitters and to give it your best.
Whatever race ritual you develop, the purpose is to provide habits that you can rely on to get you through the jitters, and to keep you from forgetting important pre-race routines.
The jitters result mainly from oscillations of Hubble's electricity-providing solar panels.
The jitters, however, interfere primarily with Hubble's ability to track guide stars -- extraterrestrial "signposts" that help orient the telescope for observations.
NASA officials now plan a "dynamics test" in which engineers will give the telescope's position-holding "reaction wheels" a precisely specified nudge and then measure the jitter response, Nurre says.
The Jitters Cafe will serve gourmet coffee as well as fountain drinks, smoothies, sandwiches, salads and pastries.
The addition of the Jitters cafe provides an important element to the House2Home concept, as we continue our efforts to create an ideal shopping experience for our customers," said Henry Ragin, vice president, director of merchandising for House2Home.