the height of

the height of something

1. the period when something is strongest In 1955, he was at the height of his fame. The constitution was drawn up at the height of military rule.
2. the greatest amount of something It's the height of arrogance to feel you need to convert someone to your own religion.
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Between his ascension in 1713 and his death in 1740, Frederick more than doubled the ranks of the Prussian army--from a considerable 38,000 men to an intimidating 83,000--but the figure that concerned him most was not the size of his army but the height of his soldiers.
We don't judge the wealth of a potential mate by his height, for instance, and we don't assume that disparities in the height of countries reflect the workings of an invisible hand driving the wealth of nations--they reflect constituent disparities in social equality, health care, and diet.
Parameters to describe the carbon black agglomeration, such as the number of peaks, the peak area, the aspect ratio of each peak and the height of each peak, as well as others, are obtained and cataloged by the program.
n] of the corresponding wave function, specific for every nth quantum state and precisely equal to the height of the neutron classical turning point, then a probability to observe a neutron approaches zero exponentially fast.
Bonde adds that loaders have to be able to lift the required material density to the required height; therefore the height of the vehicles used to transport the material should be taken into account, as should the height of the hoppers and conveyors on size-reduction and processing equipment.
The issue of the height of the building is under discussion.
making the height of the riser larger than its diameter;
If the operator then tries returning the main lip to the previous setting where the bubble was stable, it won't work if the root of the problem is the height of the inner lip, not the outer one.
By measuring the time it took the radar signal to return to Earth, the researchers could track changes in the height of the ionospheric layer within the thermosphere.
Hitters must judge the distance from the ball and the height of the set, adjusting the speed of their approach accordingly.
It is a daunting list since measuring the height of redwoods can be an exercise in frustration, often requiring many hours of patient work.
Comfort Height toilets are comparable to the height of an average household chair - just over 17 inches - making sitting down and standing up easier.
The differences in the height of specimen structures are then determined by measuring the phase shift in the interference pattern.
The temperature reached will depend upon specific conditions such as the use of hot blast and/or oxygen and the height of the free space between the top of the bed and the charge door.
25") available in the market place today, Kentron's design engineers have further reduced the height of this single board solution by 0.