the heavy mob/brigade

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heavy brigade

A group of heavily armed soldiers. The US is reportedly sending in a heavy brigade to quell unrest in the region.
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heavy mob

A large group of people, especially one inclined toward violence or unrest. As the demonstration began, a heavy mob of masked men fell upon us and began assaulting anyone carrying a protest sign.
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the ˈheavy mob/brigade

(British English, informal) a group of strong, often violent people employed to do something such as protect somebody: I had to laugh when he turned up at the meeting with his heavy mob, as if he was a mafia boss or something.
See also: brigade, heavy, mob
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The Heavy Brigade that followed was victorious- like our forces, unlike the 'Light Brigade' that Ranawaka the Sinhala Buddhist chose to eulogize?
In 2010, the heavy brigade combat team gunnery manual was changed so that it became a single-source manual for gunnery training.
Along with the other elements of the ERI effort, the heavy brigade will address some of the shortcomings of the US and allied responses to date, such as the absence of a heel-to-toe armored presence.
The first rumblings from the Heavy Brigade broke out when frock-monger Karl Lagerfield (effeminate and desiccated) dared to mention that fat Adele is, well, fat.
During the battle, the 16th were heavily engaged throughout the day, initially to support the Heavy Brigade under Sir William Ponsonby, which had been ordered to charge retreating French infantry but had pushed the charge too far.
While PIM is associated with the heavy brigade combat team, it is a full-spectrum operational platform," Furber said.
The construction industry colonels in charge of the heavy brigade of bulldozers reckon if they can take out Tara, their war is won.
21, Combined Arms Weapons Proficiency for the Heavy Brigade Combat Team.
MAJ Gary Ridenhour, recently served as Aide-de-Camp to LTG Steven Boutelle, Army CIO/G6 and is currently serving as the Heavy Brigade Combat Team S6 in the 4th Infantry Division.
Approximately half of the heavy brigade combat teams will have the digital Abrams, known as the M1A2 System Enhancement Package, and the newest Bradley, the A3.
He writes that senior officers were then expected to exercise wide discretion before obeying orders; suggests that the men could see Cossack cavalry behind the guns; and that the Heavy Brigade 'sensibly hung back'.
The Heavy Brigade, which had been following the Light Brigade, was stopped, leaving their comrades to ride into the Russian guns alone.
It was probably the most terrifying sound to emanate from the human throat since the Scots Greys and the Inniskillings gave the Russian cavalry the full vocal works when General Sir James Scarlett made his remarkable uphill charge with the Heavy Brigade at Balaclava.
The upgrade of the PIM ensures commonality with existing systems in the Heavy Brigade Combat Team, and reduces its logistical footprint and operational sustainability costs by replacing obsolete components.
HQDA asked us to provide cost comparisons on the Heavy Brigade Combat Team (BCT), Stryker BCT, Infantry BCT, and the Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB).