the hard sell

*the hard sell

high-pressure selling techniques. (*Typically: get ~ give someone ~.) They gave me the hard sell, but I still wouldn't buy the car. The clerk gave the customer the hard sell.
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hard sell

1. An aggressive, high-pressure sales practice or promotion, as in Used-car salesmen tend to give you a hard sell. This expression gave rise to the antonym soft sell, a low-key sales approach that relies on gentle persuasion. [Colloquial; c. 1950]
2. A difficult sales prospect, one who resists sales pressure. For example, Those brokers who call us at dinnertime find me a hard sell-I usually just hang up on them . [Late 1900s]
See also: hard, sell

hard sell

n. a high-pressure attempt to sell something. I’m afraid I’m very susceptible to the hard sell.
See also: hard, sell
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THE HARD SELL - They were a huge draw at this year's Electric Picnic, even for a band playing early on the Sunday.
It works well for a cost effective,quality installtion, without the hard sell of stereo typical double glazing companies.
CULTURE Club members have the chance to win a pair of tickets to see The Hard Sell, the new work by highly rated North East company Surface Area Dance Theatre.
They're very pushy in the hard sell that they do and they're advertising something which doesn't have the background of credibility," said Bary.
A TELL your boss that your record speaks for itself and that it is not always necessary to go for the hard sell when you can win people over by being genuine with them.
I had to do the hard sell," joked David: "The family were a lot more difficult than normal customers
But at least Vasconi's inventively remodelled building has some link with Renault's past, while providing a forum and forcing house for the hard sell upon which its corporate future depends.
Locations Before and After is for homeowners having trouble selling their home and will see Kirstie and Phil come to the rescue with a house makeover and the hard sell.
But the festive shopping season seems to be getting longer and longer as stores put their decorations up and start the hard sell almost as soon as the summer holiday period has ended.
The object of the hard sell is a weapon of mass consumption whose tawdry 90-minute show was awe-inspiring in its lack of appeal on any level.
It is the world leader in electronic retail with glam presenters giving the hard sell.
At a glitzy New York launch party, J-Lo, 33, did her best to give the product the hard sell.
However, the hard sell is often difficult to pass up--so advise your clients to seek expert advice before subscribing to any scheme that offers instant wealth or exemption from paying taxes.
We are concerned about readers, not necessarily subscribers, and this is a major step toward reducing the exposure of our kids to the hard sell of tobacco," she added.
Choreographer Nicole Vivien Watson has adopted the technique for her latest show, The Hard Sell, which she has based on her experiences of being a 20-something.