the grand old man of

the grand old man of something

a man who has been involved in a particular activity for a long time and is known and respected by a lot of people It was in this play that he formed a double act with that other grand old man of the Berlin theatre, Bernhard Minetti.
See in the grand scheme of things
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CALLING Giorgio Moroder the grand old man of electronic music wouldn't be far- fetched.
THE Grand Old Man of Tyneside boxing has been rightly honoured.
With 10 World Cups and 10 Olympic Games under his belt, Bill was without doubt the grand old man of Irish sports broadcasting.
The Grand Old Man of Cypriot politics already smiling, gave a hearty laugh, along with the rest of his entourage.
SHUI Cheung Chau is the grand old man of Teesside's close-knit Chinese community.
Achuthanandan, the grand old man of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM), was yesterday dropped from the politburo, the most powerful decision making body of the party.
The grand old man of Kenyan cricket, enjoying his fifth World Cup after making his debut in 1996, was made captain for the day in the absence of Jimmy Kamande but from there on his team s innocuous bowling and frail batting ruined his big day.
PETE TONG Wonderland 2010 The grand old man of dance music may have been moved to a later slot on Radio 1, but he still knows a fine tune when he hears one.
Whatever the reasons for that and why the great English constitutional historian Walter Bagehot described the Grand Old Man of 19th-century politics and four times Prime Minister of Great Britain as "Oxford on the surface and Liverpool underneath", and his opponent Benjamin Disraeli accused him of not possessing a single redeeming defect, the basic incontrovertible fact is that Walter Ewart Gladstone, fourth son of plantation owner John, was born in 62, Rodney Street, 200 years ago this week.
Even Lord Heseltine, the grand old man of the Conservative party, has warned that Mr Cameron's European views are disastrous, while the White House is dismayed at what they might mean for America's relations with the UK and EU.
JB PRIESTLY, the Grand Old Man of English literature, has died at his home in Stratford-upon-Avon after a short illness.
THE grand old man of blues is still able to cook up quite a storm.
Now in his 80s, Alan Whicker, the grand old man of travel, has been revisiting some of his most memorable destinations and what great telly it's been to watch (Alan Whicker's Journey of a Lifetime, BBC2, 9pm).
Brylcreem, the grand old man of male grooming, is extending its appeal to the younger generation with a sub-range that includes its first shower product.
1922) deserves to be considered the grand old man of Estonian emigration literature, a worthy counterpart of Jaan Kross, the grand old man of Estonian narrative fiction created in the homeland.