the boy next door

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the boy/girl next door

used to describe someone who is completely ordinary, not rich, famous, etc We couldn't believe it when he got a record deal. To us, he was just the boy next door.
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They'll also have the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes, with the grand prize being THE GIRL NEXT DOOR star Elisha Cuthbert recording a personalized outgoing message for your wireless phone.
In addition, Fox will offer two THE GIRL NEXT DOOR wireless text message games: "The Hot or Not Quiz" and a Virtual Flirt Game.
It's really about a girl who's trying to straighten out her life and become the girl next door.
COMEDY: College days remembered in last year's Old School; STUNNING: As American beauty Carol-Anne in Love Actually; THRILLER: Elisha plays Kim Bauer in the TV drama sensation 24; SUAVE: On the arm of Emile Hirsch in The Girl Next Door
He also quickly develops a hankering for the girl next door, Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) who can't hold her liquor and similarly can't control her thuggish hunk of a boyfriend (Chris Carmack).
I met the girl next door - and my future,'' he recalls.
And she also suffers from the girl next door syndrome.
The song, featured on the gold-certified MCA Records debut ``Hotshot,'' is the story of a guy whose girlfriend catches him having sex with the girl next door.
Adult-film actress Stacy Valentine is hardly the girl next door in ``The Girl Next Door.
At the same time, Carey, who turns 30 on March 27, is still marketed as the girl next door, which is a little hard to swallow when she's performing raunchy dance routines one minute and rapping with alleged street thugs the next.
Los Angeles' real contribution to the cultural landscape considers herself as ``down-to-earth as the girl next door.
Strawberry Blonde'' is a hazy recollection of childhood about ``not the girl next door but the girl around the corner'' that's a marvel of poignant, economical storytelling.
Mary Catherine MacKay was virtually the girl next door.
Photo "The Boys Next Door" stars Mare Winningham, center, as the girl next door, and, clockwise from top, Nathan Lane, Courtney B.