the fine print

the fine/small print

the part of a printed agreement that is printed smaller than the rest but which contains very important information Never sign a contract until you have read the small print.
See also: fine, print
References in classic literature ?
Requesting me then to exchange seats with him, that he might the better distinguish the fine print of the volume, he took my armchair at the window, and, opening the book, resumed his discourse very much in the same tone as before.
The huge bill furnishes the fine print for the bipartisan pact approved in December that set overall spending levels for the next couple of years.
WE ALL KNOW SOMEONE (not us, mind you) who's been burned by overlooking those "important change in terms" notices because crucial details are often buried in the fine print.
There are some simple hints or things to know that we provide during straightforward, yet thoughtful, discussions that can help customers get through the fine print to the bottom line.
Richard's claim in contract, agreeing that the fine print let Time Inc.
At the bottom, the fine print starts by saying, "If" you're reading this, you're probably thinking there's some kind of catch.
In this case, you can't ignore reading the fine print of legislation.
The Fine Print Of Self-Publishing analyses and ranks the contracts and services of 48 different POD companies and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of taking a POD approach to self-publishing.
Here are two other dirty little secrets that may be lost in the fine print of your credit card agreement:
Happily, Bagley writes without the prolixity often associated with the legal profession--the kind of eye-glazing, spare-no-heretofores stuff that too often fills up the fine print of lending or securities documents.
Ladner's logic is probably sending other presidents and board members scrambling to review the fine print in contracts, says Cotton, who notes that Ladner's renewed contract with American in 1997 was sweetened considerably.
Almost daily I see, in big type, some car dealer advertising an "everyday low price" of $13,499, but then the fine print discloses that they arrived at that price by calculating $1,500 in "customer cash" into the discount.
A person can explain the fine print, especially on international matters like medical coverage.
The fine print below the headline Bluetooth announcements for vehicles like the Acura TL or Chrysler Pacifica (both of which use systems developed by Johnson Controls) is that only a select few phones can be used if you want to access the function.
But in the fine print, you read that, of 16,000 adverse events RAND studied, there were two deaths, four heart attacks, nine strokes, one seizure, and tire psychiatric cases.