the fair sex

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the fair/fairer sex

Usage notes: Some women think this phrase is offensive.
My father hated the idea of me joining the army. He always said it wasn't a suitable occupation for the fair sex.
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Surprisingly, more than one in every eight online punts on the competition were from the fairer sex.
In a reversal of roles, it is the fairer sex who are fuelling the industry, which is now dominated by escorts advertising to female clients.
The idea that ladies should be able to have the facility to be able to travel on the railways, without having to contend with the oafish behaviour and total lack of respect towards the fairer sex displayed by certain members of the travelling public, is I believe, an eminently sensible suggestion
Leo threw a cocktail party, dinner and auction for A-list guests including Sylvester Stallone, John Legend and Sir Elton John - but it was the fairer sex who stole the show.
So, if it is to happen, the sheer weight of numbers needs to be more in favour of the fairer sex.
IN the age-old battle of the sexes, the fairer sex may have just lost the most controversial argument of them all.
Female professionals from every walk of New York City real estate life will gather tomorrow (Thursday) for the third annual Real Estate Weekly Women's Forum, a full day of information, networking and celebration of the fairer sex and its growing influence over New York City's skyline.
Man fancies himself the huntergatherer, but a department store sale shows the fairer sex in their true colours: red in tooth and claw" - Sir Terry Wogan on female behaviour at the January sales.
21 ( ANI ): British woman, Rebecca Blake, who was reportedly arrested in Dubai over sex charges, has been finally freed from jail and now warns women visiting the country about its horrific laws against the fairer sex.
But in 2006 seven women broke into one of Pakistan's most exclusive male clubs to graduate as fighter pilots -- perhaps the most prestigious job in the powerful military and for six decades closed to the fairer sex.
Speaking after Randstad UK hosted an event for high-powered members of the fairer sex - including Williams F1 Team Development Driver Susie Wolff - retail managing director Peter Shrimpton said: "Quotas are certainly a hugely controversial option but while everyone should be hired and promoted on the basis of skill, not gender, that's not necessarily happening.
Regarding Mr Paul Kokoski's latest observations on matters important to him, in this case abortion (Life is Precious - GDN, January 22), I fail to see how any man has the right to make statements on behalf of the fairer sex.
The films are grouped according to themes, such as the Stooges and high society, war, the law, and the boys' dealings with the fairer sex.
TUESDAY: Harlots, Housewives and Heroines (BBC4, 9pm) features historian Lucy Worsley looking at the lives of the fairer sex in Restoration England.
Axe--a brand that's been focused on helping young men smell better so they can attract women--is going after the fairer sex once again, but in an entirely new way.