the fag-end of

the fag-end of something

  (British & Australian informal)
the last part of a period of time, usually the least interesting or least exciting part We went away at the fag-end of summer when all the shops and restaurants were starting to close.
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References in classic literature ?
They say that this is only the fag-end of the storm that we are getting here, and that it's been raging for nearly twenty-four hours on the east coast.
He was out of his mind; completely and for ever mad, with this sudden shock coming upon the fag-end of his endurance.
Mumbai: In a choppy trade at the fag-end of the session, the benchmark S&P BSE Sensex on Tuesday gave up initial dominance and even extended its losses for the fifth straight session, declining by 30 points to end at 28,161.
ANYTHING above 10,000 for a meaningless kickabout against Norway at the fag-end of summer is pretty remarkable if you ask me.
It's run at the fag-end of the Flat season when no one's interested any longer in racing; it's held at Doncaster, which is to glamour what I am to glamour; and at 1m 6f it's at a distance no one wants to run, particularly fat birds.
A stressful tournament finale is the last thing a man needs, though, when attempting to wind down at the fag-end of another action-packed weekend.
We stand at the fag-end of an ancient tradition of puffing with pride.
Instead, on Saturday, we had The Proms on BBC1 and BBC2, a new series of You've Been Framed on Scottish and Grampian, and some token-gesture mentions of Stein at the fag-end of the evening news bulletins.
How fitting that the final image at the fag-end of this fagged- out, sleaze-ridden Government is of greedy Tory MPs grabbing brown envelopes full of pounds 50 notes and stuffing them into their back pockets.
Hunter concludes this chapter where he began, with a long passage from Malcolm Muggeridge's 1977 address, a very moving meditation of an old man nearing death on being a participant in God's creation even at the fag-end of life, on how we shut ourselves off from the wonderful light that awaits us, on the folly of hubris and the need for abandonment to God's purpose for men.
Ghana were just minutes away from this historic feat before Luis Suarez handled on the goal line in the fag-end of normal time, which saw Asamoah Gyan miss the resulting penalty.
On Saturday night, as I savoured my last legal cigarettes in the boozer, it dawned on this smoker that he is looking at the fag-end of his career.
He added: "Why don't you call a halt to what is the fag-end of a burnt-out Government?