the dead hand of

the dead hand of something

something that stops progress from being made Economic development has been held back by the dead hand of bureaucracy.
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The dead hand of government conservation bodies now poses the biggest threat to coastal communities in the 21st century.
All this and not having the dead hand of Europe restricting us.
Comedian Amy Schumer wrote and stars in Trainwreck but her charm can't overcome her own limited script or the dead hand of director Judd Apatow.
Wales, once it is freed from the dead hand of London government which is only interested in the spiv economy of the City of London, will thrive.
He fumed: "We still have the dead hand of the Government running things like trains and buses, generally pretty badly.
This was the effect of the dead hand of nationalisation on our railway system and it is only a matter of luck that the lines surrounding Harbury survived to become the success they are today.
The country needs a complete break from the dead hand of the two party system that stifles change, snuffing good will to all.
He said: "We are often called the dead hand of bureaucracy and told we should keep out of the way.
Consider how much easier it would be to introduce new types of health worker without the dead hand of regulation clutching for evidence of their safety to practise.
I want to bring such talents together to create a strong team ready to replace the dead hand of Labour in 2016.
The fingerprints of the dead hand of Prince Charles were all over the day's programme of events.
In many areas of administration, Bulgaria has languished too long under the dead hand of incompetence and complacency.
They are to do with the dead hand of the current political control and administration of the council.
Workin` on the chain gang; shaking off the dead hand of history.
He said: "This building would not get planning permission if they applied today because the dead hand of preservation is alive and well.