the curtain falls

the curtain falls (on something)

also somebody/something rings down the curtain on something
the end comes to something, esp. a job or activity Brown managed to get a lot done before the curtain fell on his political career. This year rings down the curtain on more than 50 years of broadcasts.
Usage notes: also used in the phrase the final curtain falls: His admirers want to honor the singer before the final curtain falls on his career.
Etymology: from the large curtains above the stage in a theater that are brought down at the end of a performance
See also: curtain, fall
References in classic literature ?
He consents without a murmur, all join in a joyful chorus, and the curtain falls upon the lovers kneeling to receive Don Pedro's blessing in attitudes of the most romantic grace.
AS the curtain falls on Steven Gerrard's illustrious Liverpool career, LFC TV pays tribute to the club's departing captain in a brand new documentary.
The curtain falls on the Northern Football Alliance season this Friday (May 15) when Blyth Town face Whitley Bay A in the Bay Plastics George Dobbins League Cup final at Wheatridge Park, Seaton Delaval, kick-off 7pm.
after the curtain But just three days after the curtain falls for the last time she will tie the knot for real by marrying fiance Tony Jackson, on New Year's Eve.
Of the two, Jonathan Dewhurst: The Curtain Falls is a sequel to the same authors' Jonathan Dewhurst: The Lancashire Tragedian 1837-1913 (published in 2001) which deservedly became one of the five finalists for the Society for Theatre Research Book of the Year.
NEXT week sees the end of an era in music when the curtain falls on Glasgowbury, the "small but massive" festival.
The Motorsports Marshals Club, an affiliate of the Bahrain Motor Federation, is providing the marshals, hosts the annual event as the curtain falls on the F1 race at Bahrain International Circuit, the home of the motorsport in the Middle East.
I DEFY anyone not to be standing up, dancing and clapping their hands by the time the curtain falls on Stafford Gatehouse Theatre's great rock 'n' roll pantomime.
The Paramount Bar, located in the heart of the theater district in New York, is hosting a series of monthly, late-night happy hours where customers can mingle with Broadway stars after the curtain falls.
MP Dario Franceschini said: "Today, the curtain falls on a long and painful phase of Italian political history.
There will be concerts, talks, readings, exhibitions, plays and children's events before the curtain falls on March 28 with Newcastle Cricket Club's open day.
After the Curtain Falls - Reflections on the Passing of a Spectacular Event is now on at Wolstenholme Projects.
And when half have pushed the button, the curtain falls on one poor member of the public's time in the spotlight.
A very sharp piece of theatre which gives the audience plenty to ponder once the curtain falls.
AFTER THE CURTAIN FALLS, a proper cool down is just as key.