change of life

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the change (of life)

Menopause. Some women have many difficulties during the change of life, both physical and emotional.
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change of life

Also, the change. Menopause. For example, After nine pregnancies, she was actually looking forward to the change of life, or She became quite moody during the change. [c. 1820]
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the change of life

the menopause. informal euphemistic
See also: change, life, of
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15) While the technical soundness of the idea can create an attractive pull, the perceived risk of making the change can distort the pulling force.
97-27 of the change in characterization of an item that has the effect of shifting income from one period to another as a situation that "may" constitute a change in method of accounting signals heightened IRS interest in treating recharacterizations as accounting method changes.
However, a material change in principle requires auditors to modify the standard report by referring to the change in an explanatory paragraph.
Emergency Change - Did an approval follow the change within a timely manner?
Field agents and appeals officers, as the IRS personnel most knowledgeable of the taxpayer's facts and circumstances, should be accorded discretion to determine whether an adjustment constitutes an accounting method and, if so, the proper manner of implementing the change in method.
The group receiving the new modified unqualified consistency report and the group receiving the new standard unqualified report not mentioning the change in principle.
Serena Software, the Change Governance(TM) leader, provides software and services to more than 15,000 organizations around the world -- including 96 of the Fortune 100 and 90 of the Global 100.
They need opportunities to engage in constructive dialogue about the change, what it means for them, and how they can contribute.
In light of its holding on the merits, the district court's statements about the change in accounting method were clearly dicta.
Is not an S corporation and does not elect this status for the year immediately following the change in accounting period.
the Change Governance(TM) leader, today announced the addition of Elizabeth Hackenson to its board of directors.
382(h)(6)(A), any item of income properly taken into account during the recognition period is treated as recognized built-in gain (RBIG) if the item is attributable to periods before the change date.
The purpose of both statutes is to limit the amount of prechange tax attributes that may be used following the change.
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC served as Highmark's legal advisor and Bingham McCutchen LLP represented the majority selling stockholder in the acquisition and ECCA with respect to the Change of Control Offer for ECCA's Notes, discussed below.
The converted property is subject to the MACRS depreciation methods, recovery periods and placed-in-service conventions applicable in the change year.