cat's pajamas

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cat's pajamas

Something or someone highly enjoyable, desirable, or impressive, especially in a fancy or elaborate way. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Tom's new Cadillac is really the cat's pajamas! Boy, that singer last night was the cat's pajamas, wasn't she?
See also: pajama

the cat’s ˈwhiskers/pyˈjamas

(informal, often ironic) the best person, idea, thing, etc: She thinks she’s the cat’s whiskers.
See also: pyjama, whisker

the cat's pajamas

A terrific thing. This was a nonsensical phrase of the 1920s that meant something worth seeing or having. A similar phrase was the “cat's meow.”
See also: pajama
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APP of the week t B Th Host b d So for [euro]170 today, it's a trip to Berlin, staying at The Cat's Pyjamas Hostel with a visit to an abandoned theme park.
WHILE recent moggie movies such as Top Cat Begins, Keanu and Nine Lives proved to be as much fun as having your face shoved into a loaded litter tray, this true story turns out to be the cat's pyjamas.
As for the three actors, they were the cat's pyjamas, playing out the script and leading the audience participation with the boldest of brushstrokes without ever tipping over into the patronising.
But whose style is the cat's pyjamas, and who looks like they've been dragged out of bed?
With my eyes weighed down with eyeliner and dressed to kill I went to the cinema that night feeling like the cat's pyjamas and the bees knees rolled into one.
SHE'S very much the cat's pyjamas, so Joanna Lumley is purr-fectly placed to front Catwoman (ITV1, tomorrow, 7pm)an exploration of our relationship with felines.
No matter, the new track looks set to be the cat's pyjamas, and I can honestly say I haven't looked forward to an unveiling this much since I bought the missus a new nightie for her birthday.
A ginger tom called Bob was feline like the cat's pyjamas when Kate Middleton stopped to pet him at the premiere of a movie about his life.
For more, call 09050 700 438 Cancer June 22 - July 22 SOME folks think their opinion is everything, they are the cat's pyjamas, but that's only in their own little world and you've got a passport out of it so it no longer concerns you what they think.
MONTE CARLO PG MAYBE if I was a 12-year-old girl I'd have thought this was the cat's pyjamas.
Ukip thinks Westminster is the cat's pyjamas, but many of us prefer self-government for our own patches and affiliation to the EU, bypassing Westminster completely.
SHE'S very much the cat's pyjamas, so Joanna Lumley is purr-fectly placed to front this intriguing exploration of our relationship with felines.
I guarantee they'll think you're the cat's pyjamas.
Which is why the Fat Cat isn't the cat's pyjamas, yet.
After it, he was the bee's knees clad in the cat's pyjamas.
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